Purple hair don't care...

Lesson 1 – don't do it my way ;-)
If you recently have found my blog or my Instagram maybe you think that I am a real redhead. No, I'm not! I have dark hair. And dark hair, turned red meant a lot of bleach. And too succeed with dark hair turning red turning violet meant that I had to bleach, bleach, bleach and bleach it (and I lost a lot of hair because of it). So if you have money (I don't) it's better to go to a professional. Most saloons today can colour pastels.
Lesson 2 – use a lightener with silver blonde
At my last attempt on trying to get canary yellow hair to white I tried a silver blonde lightener. OMG! Why didn't I try that from the start instead of a regular bleach?!? Schwartzkopf have a brilliant series where you also got a bag with conditioner with blue pigments that take away more of the yellow. Weather you are a brunette, redhead or a blonde you are after the white effect!
Lesson 3 – choose the right shade
Ever since I saw Kelly Osbourne with her lavender hair I have dreamed about it. It took me like two years to be brave enough to do it and feeling brave enough to pull it off! Manic Panic has a lot of cool semi-permanent colours (and they are vegan!). I choose "Electric Amethyst". What is your signature colour?
Lesson 4 - have conditioner, a plastic bowl and plastic gloves at home
If you have long hair like me you gonna need almost a bottle of conditioner. Don't have to be a fancy brand, a cheap one in white colour will do. Then you mix it with Manic Panic so you get the exact colour that you want. I feels a bit weird colouring your hair with conditioner but it really works. And you get a result that is true 2 colour from bowl to hair. So better do too much than having to do it all over again and not achieving the exact colour.
Lesson 5 – don't miss a spot
Over the years I have learnt how to colour my hair myself and have a bathroom mirror so I can see the back of my head. But it is tricky. Maybe you can ask a friend for help? But... as violet / lavender / purple comes in all different colours it looks pretty cool anyway even if you doesn't get the same colour all over the hair.
Lesson 6 – you choose the time
You settle the time yourself. I had it in for half an hour. But then I did it THREE times! Because I missed spots and my bleached hair was un even.
Lesson 7 – have a lot of time! 
This process took me two days and meant that I had to go to work with a hat on (looking like an idiot) to cover up my canary yellow hair tone!
Last lesson – work it!
Your mum probably gonna hate it (I haven’t told my yet) but who can resist cotton candy / my little ponys / mermaids / unicorns / care-bears?

Manic Panic is tested on celebrities, not animals™

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  1. Love love love it! I tumbled upon your IG account some weeks ago. I always thought Kelly Osbourne looked amazing with the purple hair! And than I saw you and another German blogger with it. And now I really really want it my self. I will do it tomorrow! :)

  2. Thanx for your comment Naja. Cool that you found my IG. Instagram is such a cool place where you meet interesting people. What is your IG name?
    I loved loved loved Kellys hair for ages. I love my purple. But not the fact that I bleached it to much and lost 1/3 of my hair in the process! So don't do it my way ;-)

  3. Hi Svara, so you already found me on IG! :)
    As you saw my blond is already quite bright, I didn't bleached it now and tried Directions lilac. But I don't like the outcome. Mine is rather greyish now and only a little bit purple. But I will try and bleach them just a little in the next day and try again than. :)
    But thanks for your tips!! :)

  4. haha I thought your name is Svara :D but thats obviously danish for answer :D