Thanx Doris, of Doris Design

Tack Doris för den supersnygga kjolen som kom med posten! Precis mina färger!
Doris, som är med i min klädgrupp Fancy Fasthion, är en spännande ny designer som säljer sina kläder under namnet "Doris Design". Du hittar hennes butik här.
Doris Design is a stylish, chic, contemporary plus size clothing and accessories brand.
Our designs are inspired by the rich and eclectic culture of west Africa. 
Products are  fair trade and made in Benin (west Africa). The fabrics used are printed wax, super wax, batik, and java. Each clothes are Taylor made and fair trade by Beninese hard working and talented Taylors .
5% of all the revenues will go to Humanitarian organizations  helping kids in Benin to pay for their school fees and promoting girls education.
Wax, super wax, batik and java are African high quality printed  fabrics.

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