"Life is about the people you meet"

Photo: borrowed from Holstee

....står det på Holstee Manifesto. Jag har då en remarkable förmåga att få kontakt med folk på de allra konstigaste sätt. Självklart kan jag fotas med en flagga ;-)

Frida Nordin, Mar-13 17:06 (EDT):
I just found the manifesto online - and I LOVE it! How does it work when you live in Sweden and want to buy a copy (or two).
Best, Frida

Michael Radparvar, Mar-14 12:15 (EDT):
hi frida, glad ur digging the poster!! good q- right now we are shipping intl but b/c of increasing demand and peeps like u asking, we're gonna start looking into how we can print them in diff parts of the world, starting with europe!!
so a q for you - i want to write a blog post about how our intl customers are encouraging us to look into more localized production and i thought it would be cool to highlight ur q. would u be willing to send a photo of you holding a swedish flash or something?! i think it would make a sweet post!!
thanks + best wishes from nyc, mike


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  1. Jamenellerhur! Rabatt på köpet skulle jag också få :-)