Nya Kittens

Say hello to our trio of brand new Knicker Kittens!

Hannah the Heartbreaker, Yvette Les Fesses and Donna Delight are the classy lassies who will be supporting us through all the baby booming accomplished by Contessa, Dixie and Baby (suitable name there miss Bonaparte, really. Might have served as some sort of sign for the attentive...)

Anywho, let's give them a brief introduction! Hannah the Heartbreaker is a hard-knuckled lady, trying hard to keep a varnish of class and frail finesse in place over her rowdy, swearin', spittin' and fun-lovin' self. She does the can-can with ease, knows a thing or two about carrying a tune, and her boisterous, lovable persona makes up for anything she might lack in etiquette. We're afraid to ask about it, but we think she has a trail of motherless babies, ex-husbands and outstanding warrants for shooting and lewd and lascivious behaviour behind her. In other words, she's not just wanted for her shapely legs and charming smile, if you know what we mean. Maybe you wonder how she got her nickname? Well, lets just say, she mainly breaks hearts with her bare hands...

Yvette Les Fesses has a somewhat cloudy past, which she really doesn't talk about, but if she would, words like "colonel", "far east", "cyanide capsule", "veils" and "state secrets" might be part of the general vocabulary. Snake-charmers use a flute, but Yvette needs no other weapon than her fine behind, which is well trained in many an achrobatic motion and enough to make your jaw drop straight to the floor in amazement. When she flips her hips, be careful or you'll catch whiplash! Combined with her firey red hair and outstanding grace, that caboose really does mezmerise people, and honestly, if someone slipped up and handed her state secrets because she danced so pretty, we don't blame them! If we had any state secrets, we'd do the same any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Donna Delight is probably the blondest, tallest, most curvaceous young lady in the world. When she told her mama she was going off to be a dancer, she failed to mention the scantily clad nature of this particular type of dancing. Mama Delight thinks she's doing the plié in leotards with other youngsters, but Donna knew that kind of life was not for her, and if you mean to get what you want you'd better do it while the getting is good. This statuesque jail bait beauty is a puppy eyes pro and has perfected the line "Really! What kind of a girl do you think I am, mister?!" to a level which brings her pleading/appologetic diamonds, fur coats and evening dresses in droves. If she could bother to get out of bed before noon she might have made a small fortune re-selling last nights flower boquets down at the market, but even though she's industrious nothing can drag her away from her bathtub and her strawberry waffles untill evening showtime.

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