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Åh... Böl... Igen... Av att jag blir rörd.
Läste min fantastiska (fd) lärinna och burleskmentor Duchess Dubois blogg. Nu får man flashbacks all over again... Se så fint hon skrev om mig och om Kittenville Newcomers Night 3 April:

Finally it was upon us, the moment we'd all been waiting for, me and my showgirl students. It was graduation time and it was on stage at Judy's. Fancy, Jolie, Francesca and Miss D had completed their routines, rehearsed in front of a discerning audience of one (Ingrid) the previous Sunday, and now they were ready to do it in front of an audience of both familiar and unfamiliar faces (I'm not sure which is most intimidating).They all did great, and we had a fabulous Kittenville evening!

Miss Fancy Lane was third to go on stage. She did a wonderful classic glamour routine and I am so extremely proud of her! She went through a journey in the classes and I'm so happy I got to be a part of that. A once shy lady now took the stage every inch a spotlight diva, full of sass and stage presence.

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